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‘Sex for job’ tied to emotional development – Expert says

There is a growing demand for sex in exchange for job in the corporate world

The growing demand for sex in exchange for job in the corporate world is attributable to the emotional development of people, an emotional intelligence coach has said.

According to Mr. James Kwasi Anderson, emotions play an integral role in human social life. Thus, for people especially employers to demand sex from job seekers in exchange for a job, they must have had certain emotional experiences influencing their actions.

Speaking from an expert’s point of view on Angel FM’s ‘Anɔpa Bɔfoɔ’ morning show, Mr. Anderson noted that some may have been turned down after several proposals, resulting in the use of their positions to demand sex.

He said: “There is someone who may not have experienced intercourse before. He may probably be living with the thoughts of his rejection after several attempts. He may be wondering what is wrong with him that is causing his unattractiveness.

“So having risen to become a manager, it is time for him to prove his manhood. It stems from the emotions and people resort to such to satisfy those emotions,” he added.

Contrary to the above, Mr. Anderson indicated that there are some who have had sexual relations with people of a particular specimen and would want to experience others.

“There are those who say they have experienced black, so they think, ‘let me try red, try short, tall etc.’ and there are many so many descriptions,” he told Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on the show.

The expert also stated that people may demand sex due to some bad motives they may be harbouring which include the desire to inflict pain on their victims. On this, he stressed that loving oneself is very important in relation to others because “if you don’t love yourself, it would be hard to love someone else, and the emotional display is a reflection of how you treat yourself.”

Beyond the emotional aspect, he said the behaviour may be caused by the person’s upbringing which may not necessarily be associated with the immediate family but community.

“While growing up, he saw Kwame and Kofi bring in different women. So as a child, he thinks it is a good act. So he learns that and practices same,” he said.

“A child growing up who did not experience these things would hardly practice them. That’s not to say people do not change later upon growing up, but majority of the people’s actions are influenced by such sights. Characters are transferrable: people learn more easily what they see than they hear,” he added.

Source : Ghanaweb

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