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He has 16 wives, 151 children, yet follows a four-times-a-night sex schedule to keep reproducing

Misheck Nyandoro has 151 children

He has 151 children and 16 wives, but to keep having more offspring, he sleeps with four of his 16 wives a night. Misheck Nyandoro, a 66-year-old man from Zimbabwe, says that his full-time job is satisfying his 16 wives to produce more offspring. He has no plans of stopping as he is about to marry his 17th wife as part of a “polygamy project” he started in the 1980s.

Misheck, who is a retired war veteran, married his first wife in 1983 but after his last marriage in 2015, he put on hold his “polygamy project” because the economy of his country was in ruins. But now that things are getting better, his plan is to marry again next month, local news outlet The Herald reports.

“What I’m doing here is completing my project. A polygamy project that I started in 1983 and don’t intend to stop until death takes me away.

“I’m currently planning my 17th wedding with the ceremony expected to take place this winter,” says Misheck, whose hope is to have 100 wives and 1,000 children before he dies.

Misheck, who is from Mbire District, Mashonaland Central Province, believes he has to marry younger women because his older wives have lower libido. At the moment, his family largely relies on farming, he says. About 50 of his children are in school across Zimbabwean cities. Eleven others are employed, with six working for the Zimbabwe National Army. Thirteen of his daughters are married.

Misheck says he lives comfortably because of the several gifts and money he receives from his children. What’s more, his wives do the cooking and cleaning. “Every one of my wives cooks for me daily but the rule is that I only eat delicious food, anything I feel is below standard gets thrown away.

“They know the rules and they have promised not to get angry when I send their food back. Anything sent back should be a lesson that helps them improve.”

On his four-times-a-night sex schedule, he says: “I go to the bedrooms that I have on my schedule. I then satisfy my wife and move onto the next room. This is my job. I have no other job. ”

He continues: “I alter my behavior in the bedroom to suit the age of each of my wives. I don’t act the same with the young ones as I do with the older ones.”

At the moment, two of his wives are pregnant and he hopes to keep producing until he dies.

Polygamy is not uncommon in Zimbabwe. It has long been practiced in Zimbabwe’s rural areas, where it has deep cultural roots. Men with many wives were seen as wealthy or strong in the bedroom. Interestingly, polygamy is becoming more common in urban areas as well. Women are choosing to become second wives for various reasons including financial stability, love, among others.

Source : Ghanaweb

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