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You saw me as an easy target – Ansu Gyeabour slams Kennedy Agyapong

Ansu Gyeabour says he did not order the killing of Ahmed Suale

• This man is claiming to be the one Kennedy Agyapong referred to as the killer of Ahmed Hussein Suale

• Gyeabour says he is being targeted by the MP

• He has threatened legal action against all persons circulating his picture

A man who is claiming to be the Ansu Gyeabour that Assin Central MP Kennedy Agyapong has alleged is the killer of investigative journalist Ahmed Hussein Suale, has hit back at the maverick MP.

Ansu Gyeabour whose picture has gone viral following the revelation by Kennedy Agyapong says he is being preyed on by the MP due to his past record with the Ghana Police Service.

Gyeabour in a video said that he is not based in Kumasi contrary to Kennedy Agyapong’s claims.

“You google Ansu Gyeabour and because of the issue I had with the Ghana police of which they’ve even apologized, you saw me as the easy target. That I was declared wanted because a supposed big man who thinks that he is untouchable decided to defame me.

“You go out there pick defrauding by false pretense and saw over 100 Ansu Gyeabours and said this one is the easiest target. You publish me that I kill somebody. I went to Kumasi Academy and left Kumasi around 2005 and 2006. The longest I have stayed in Kumasi has been a week or two”.

Ansu Gyeabour denied being the person whose name was revealed by Kennedy Agyapong and threatened legal action against anyone who connects him to the murder of Hussein Suale.

“All those who know me know that I can’t even kill a fowl. Ahmed Suale? I don’t know him [he said in Akan]. I trade oil and gas. I am an oil and gas trader. I have nothing, like no relationship, with any media because oil and gas is not tomato that we advertise. We don’t even advertise. I don’t know who Ahmed is. I don’t know whoever the f*ck is. I don’t care.

“My picture is all over the place that I killed [Ahmed Hussein-Suale]. What if the family of Ahmed [Hussein-Suale] meet me somewhere and they stab me. What will happen? What have you achieved? I have three children. Is it not stupid.”

What Kennedy Agyapong said

In an interview with Adinkra TV, Kennedy Agyapong said that the killer of Hussein Suale was based in Kumasi and goes by the name Ansu Gyeabour.

“He is in Kumasi. His name is Ansu Gyeabour. It is the same police who revealed his name to me and showed me a picture of him. He killed Ahmed Suale.

“It’s been over a year now since the police disclosed that information to me and my name is out there. He is a tall guy,” he noted.

Police response

The Ghana Police have indicated that it is unable to respond to Kennedy Agyapong’s allegations because the he who alleges should be able to prove. The Service also says it is also unable to provide updates on the Ahmed Suale matter because it is still a pending issue.

Ahmed Suale’s murder

In June 2018 when Tiger Eye aired its investigation which exposed widespread corruption in African football, Kennedy Agyapong began a hostile campaign against the investigative team, saying he was offended by its undercover methods. He called publicly for Anas to be hanged.

Weeks after the film was screened, in June 2018, he used his own TV station to attack Hussein-Suale and exposed the journalist’s most closely guarded secret – his face.

“That’s him,” said Agyapong, as images of Hussein-Suale appeared on the screen. “His other picture is there as well, make it big.”

Agyapong revealed Hussein-Suale’s name and the neighbourhood he lived in. “If you meet him somewhere, slap him… beat him,” he said. “Whatever happens, I’ll pay.”

Source : Ghanaweb

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