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Meet the Ghanaian man with the largest family of 47 wives and 240 children


The chief with his family

Tenzuku, a village near Talensi in the Upper East Region of Ghana will soon go into the Guinness Book of Records as the home of the man with the largest family in the world.

And this foot was marked with an announcement by a man believed to be the village town crier who climbed atop one of the houses and announced the presence of the Anopa Bofo team by calling on everyone to come out and assemble.

One of the men of the village who claimed to be speaking on behalf of the chief told Kofi Adomah that the man has roughly 47 wives, all of whom have collectively given birth to roughly 240 children.

The chief, according to one of the kinsmen becomes the toast of politicians and other persons in the area who want to occupy political offices since they visit him for his blessings anytime they want power.

Democracy reigns in his household as together with the wives, they plan how the wives should be going to spend time with the man each passing day.

“Each wife is entitled to three days, and we follow that roaster religiously because we sat down and planned it together…,” the senior wife confirmed in the much-watched interview.

Interestingly, the female children are not counted because once they get married, they leave to be with their husbands.

They revealed that they live peacefully and eat from one another and serve as watchmen and women over one another’s children.

They further disclosed that they worship a god called Nana Tongor which watches over all indigenes of the village and grants them their heart desires.

Below is the full interview with Kofi Adomah:

Source : Ghanaweb

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