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Did you know ‘kenkey water’ is believed to have these healing benefits?

play videoThe water that remains after cooking kenkey; ‘Ntishin nu’ is believed to be healthy

•Ga Kenkey, popularly known as ‘Ga Komi’ has many benefits to the human body

•Some of these values include detoxification from what is known as ‘kenkey water’

•Some producers of this staple have also touted it for its medicinal values

It’s a whole package from just one meal. The kenkey meal is not only delicious but also has health benefits.

While its carbohydrate component makes a balanced diet when complemented with the pepper sauce and protein – mostly fried fish, the water used in cooking and the dough itself have their benefits.

During a visit to Bukom, a Ga community in Accra, Aunty Naa, a resident engaged in the family business of cooking and selling kenkey, explained to GhanaWeb’s Naa Oyoe Quartey on the People&Places show, that the water that remains in the pot after cooking Ga Komi; ‘Ntishin nu’, has healing properties.

According to her, the water which contains nutrients from the cooked kenkey, is used traditionally as a natural way of curing sicknesses like fever and in some cases jaundice.

She said it is something that has worked for them as a community over time.
Otherwise, she added, it can purely be used as a detoxifier when used appropriately.

Did you know ‘kenkey water’ has these healing benefits?
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“It is medicinal. It detoxifies the body, cures fever and also cures jaundice. You can take it hot or leave it for 3 days before drinking. It will detoxify you and you will urinate a lot. You can also soak the corn dough in water for some time and sieve the water that rises on top after it settles, and then drink. It helps cure jaundice,” she stated.

Watch the full video below:

Source : Ghanaweb

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