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Senior Political Science Lecturer at the Methodist University-Ghana, *Dr. Osei Bonsu has stated without hesitating that, the country needs to be overhauled totally if we want to get rid of corruption.

According to the Political Science Lecturer, corruption has rooted deep into the people in the country from ancient time hence total change of mindset of the people especially our leaders to defeat the canker.

Ghana chalked 64 years of age last Saturday since independence.

Ghanaians troll our leaders for failing to develop the country after 6th March,1957. According to the citizenry, politicians have put their parochial interest first vis-a-vis the love they have for the country.

Sharing ideas on the independence day celebration on social media, a lot of the people believe Ghana has retarded in terms of development since Dr. Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah’s reigns.

They added that the previous Political leaders have the development of the country in the heart unlike these current figures in the Political cycle.

Other social media users continued that, it is shameful that Ghana after independence has not seen any major development.

Reacting to this on Omanbapa Morning Show on Silver FM, Dr. Osei Bonsu said, it is even odium to see a country such as India which we gain independence with on the same day as far as development is concern.

He told the host of the program, Nana Ampratwum that, for the country to develop, we need to win the fight against corruption but said to win the fight against corruption, the country need to be overhauled.

Ghana needs total overhauling to get rid of corruption to develop the nation

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